Our History

We are a Puerto Rican company that has brought an array of products for home decoration in the last four decades. What began with buttons and handicrafts in 1971 at Bayamón, Puerto Rico; today shows evidence that God has traced each detail of our trajectory including our insertion into the worldwide market with the internet.

Below we will lead you in the experience of getting to know us and where we are.


Emilio Febus Nevárez, our founder, started Casa Febus in downtown Bayamon, Puerto Rico.  This store was handled by four employees and was mainly devoted to the sale of handicraft, buttons, and some other wedding related items.


Some Christmas products started to be sold. Some decorative red apples for the tree were the main item. Without almost any advertisement we doubled all our sales records. It was truly a blessing from God!


Almost 10 years after we opened our first store in a shopping center in Rio Hondo Mall in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. We started to sell a large amount of products like flowers, plants and vases.


Christmas products had a bigger demand and led us to the plans of building the Decoration Center in Bayamón.


We finished the Decoration Center in Bayamón, which is our biggest store to date. As a matter of fact, this location was designed for other business operations. However, Hurricane Hugo hit the building and it was completely destroyed which caused all of the renters who were going to be part of this project to decline, except for two. This motivated the decision to rebuild the structure and we used it as our primarily home store. This resolution caused the growth of the chain and showed our determination to overcome adversity by providing the best service for our public in the midst of a local crisis.


The 90’s were a time of expansion for us. Seven additional stores were opened throughout the Island. In addition, the Central Offices and Main Warehouses were built. We also began expanding the product offering to different types of home decor merchandise like furniture and candleholders. We also took a big step in regards to doing business outside of Puerto Rico.


We started to diversify with Victorian style furniture and decoration articles like figurines, antique lamps and different vase styles.


In the 2000’s we began to incorporate technological innovation using a Point of Sales (POS) system throughout our stores and integrating computer systems that allowed us to be more agile and provide better service to our customers.


40 years later we have nine stores and every year we open approximately two temporary Christmas stores. Motivated to continue complementing home decoration we have become one of the leading home decor businesses in Puerto Rico.